Outdoor power equipment distributors.


"CADCo was founded in 1984 as a local rep business and has since expanded to a full distribution and service business for outdoor power equipment. We distribute a complete line of lawn maintenance equipment as well as Ice Control products for commercial and residential use. We have a fully stocked parts warehouse and provide a wide range of services for their customers, including technical training, demos and sales seminars."


We wanted to give CADCo a clean and professional layout. Their logo required a little bit of retooling to work with the color scheme. Aside from that it's a pretty basic website structure. The logos on the left sidebar are their affiliates. Each had to be touched up in Photoshop to create the transparent backgrounds so the hover effects would be noticeable.

Special Web Development

They required a custom space in our database to keep track of sales territories, dealers, and products. These dealers are then able to log into the dealer information pages via username and password to retrieve important PDF's that are uploaded via our content management back-end.

All special development sections are completely dependent on the database and easily customizable by the CADCo team.

Google Maps API

The dealer addresses are translated into latitude and longitude points using the Google Maps API. Then, on the dealer locator page, you can search for the dealers near you via your zip code. You can expand the range from 25 miles to 100 miles. They are then pinned on the map using the latitude and longitude points provided.

The dealers are ordered by what's closest to the location you searched in a list to the right of the map. There, we display information that was entered into our database about the specific company. It was a pretty interesting little project, we had a lot of fun figuring it out.

Facebook API

On their News & Events page we bring in posts from their Facebook account. This ensures that they don't have to do any duplicate work when they want to promote special offers or updates on new dealers and products.