This is a requirement for all of our projects. It speeds up design and development time on our end. It also provides our clients with the ability to edit and add pages, posts, images, media, etc.

It is currently going through a design update, so new photos will need to be uploaded to the gallery.

It all started a few years ago. We were working on a website which needed to use Wordpress, and it seemed that everything cool it could do was required in a plugin of some sort. Anything really useful like an eCommerce solution needed to be bought. We didn't like being restricted, so we made our own version.

With this content management system we have employed an HTML5 History & AJAX page-change schema that greatly improves load time and user experience. It connects all of our websites, this way when one goes down we'll know about it and be able to find the issue quickly.

There are also a lot of things about Wordpress that bugged us, so we went ahead and added cool features that improve morale around the office. We call these "ease of use" features. Pressing Command+S while editing anything will save the page. These are little things that improve our own user experience and we hope our clients appreciate it as well.