Your Brand

From logo design to a full branding package (business cards & stationary), we will gladly help with any visual concept you'd like to portray.

Branding is huge in this world. Anyone can recognize Nike's logo, and their name isn't even in it. There's an incredible amount of unseen value in good branding. The right public appearance can make or break your business. This is why graphic designers have jobs.

Our Process

First and foremost is the logo. We will create several different versions based on the ideas that you give us. These will be in one color (black). In order to have a good logo, it can't be too complicated. If it needs different colors in order to make sense to the viewer, then you're doing it wrong. Look at all of the major companies in the world, each of them can stand on their own in full black and be perfectly legible.

After we send you some mock-ups, you'll tell us which one you like best. We'll then alter that logo to work in different situations. We like to create a square one (ex: Facebook page profile picture) and a rectangular one (ex: website header).

When we have the different versions selected, we'll give them some flare. We'll add very slight gradients, noise, shadows, and lights. We try to make our websites very three-dimensional, and your logo can be a big part of that. We do all of this while being as subtle as possible. Our main goal is for a viewer to think, "Wow, I really like this, but I don't know why." In our minds, that is good design.

When all is said and done, we'll start applying your logo to different elements. We can make you business card templates, letter-heads, envelope designs, etc. With these (and your website) you'll have a complete branding identity, which displays professionalism at its finest.