A literal school for youth wrestling.


The Red Hawk Wrestling Club is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the sport of wrestling by providing a clean, safe, wholesome learning environment for wrestlers. We take great pride in watching our wrestlers grow as we help to mold and build their character, instilling in them a sense of pride and positive values that comes through the hard work, dedication and discipline that are inherent in the quest of the wrestler who "Strives to be the Best He Can Be".


For so long, we wanted to create a website that had a dark theme. Usually, with a lot of content driven websites, it's not an ideal concept. When you have to read white letters on black background for a long period of time, your eyes tend to get fatigued. This being a wrestling club however, we were allowed to focus more on imagery, which tends to work better with a dark background. To compensate eye fatigue, we made the font larger than normal.

We loved their logo, but it didn't lend itself to a very horizontal header, so we altered it a bit. We took the bird and put it to the right as if it's swooping in for a kill. The lettering is then placed on the left. We tossed some noise into the header's background to smooth it out a little and make the color less flat.

The top bar is empty at first glance, but as it scrolls passed the navigation bar it becomes its own navigation bar. This is an interesting effect that has become more prevalent in web design in the last few years. In order to increase navigation, it should be visible on the page at all times. Since most browsers now support fixed elements, this is a perfectly fine method.