Helping you eliminate your electric bill.


"Sonic Development Inc is an engineer owned distributed power generation company. We integrate various energy producing technologies into your business to help reduce your utility costs and your risk of utility inflation. Our products consist of cogeneration, solar energy, wind energy, and biomass heating systems."


Sonic CHP wanted to have a professional appearance, but not have it be too plain. We created several different page layout designs that are spread throughout the site. We used a good amount of images and videos to displace the text, and organized them in interesting ways.

This was the first site in which we used our CSS framework. The framework exists to cut the pages in even sections, allowing room for things like header pictures. With this framework, we can evenly divide a section into thirds, quarters, halves, or any of those mixed. This gives the table layout, without the messy table code.

Responsive Design

We recently updated Sonic CHP's website to include a responsive design. This takes out the mobile version we had before and scales the website to fit in any device, increasing the amount of visibility across all platforms.