An east coast all-terrain vehicle dealer.


Sonic Offroad LLC is a premier ATV and motor-sport dealer located in Wind Gap, PA. They sell all sorts of vehicles, local and over-seas.


We created a simple design for this one. The main background is a composite of two different shots, with the gravel duplicated and faded out towards the bottom. We actually didn't have much room to play with at the bottom of the photos, but we extended it as far as we could without it being noticeable.

We altered their logo to make it more three dimensional. We also imposed a part of it to the header, to spice things up a bit.

eBay's API

This client sells most of his inventory on eBay. Although the posting cost is something to be despised, it's an easy way to get big items noticed and sold. We used eBay's API to grab anything currently up for sale from his seller ID. On the home page, we made a nice little slider that fits accordingly to every item. We also aggregate these results on the For Sale page.

Before this project we didn't even know if this was possible, it was just an idea. The client wanted his website to have all of these items as an easy way to point potential buyers at everything he had available. With this spark, we headed over to eBay, did some research, and figured out how to make it happen.

As you see, most ideas can work (even crazy ones), so don't be afraid to ask.