On-Site Generation, Fuel Cells, and Combined Heat & Power.


"Established by long-time real estate developer Ted C. Ginsberg and private equity veteran Dean G. Anthon, Sophance is a comprehensive project development company, focused primarily on developing and managing projects that provide clients with efficient on-site distributed energy and water treatment solutions. Leveraging its already substantial portfolio of successful development projects, primarily through Tedco Equities, the principals draw on their widespread experience, extensive resources, and unique expertise to meet the various demands and challenges facing a multi-faceted project finance and management organization.

Sophance has refocused this already strong real estate development enterprise to capitalize on the twenty-first century's most dynamic market potentialā€”development of energy- and cost-efficient on-site utility equipment and facilities. At the direction of Sophance, its clients can take ownership of their energy needs and achieve highly efficient solutions."