Customizable modular homes.


"If you are looking for a quality, customizable modular home in the Lehigh Valley / Slate Belt and surrounding areas, look no further as Stone Gate Homes can help you build your dream home starting today. Stone Gate Homes is a family owned real estate company headed by president, Jim Seitz, who has been building superior quality stick built homes throughout the Lehigh valley for over 25 years."


We decided to get a little creative with this one. This company sells modular homes, so we tried to simulate a house to some degree. We put shingles at the top where the header is. The body background looks like a stone wall that would be the outside of the house. Finally, the footer is green, to resemble grass.

We like to try to take this approach as much as we can, but subtlety is key. You can't be too overbearing with the elements or it gets too childish. It also shouldn't draw your eyes away from the main reason you visited the website: the content. It requires a little balancing act, but when done right it is successful.