Dynamic Web Programming

Aside from basic web design, we also provide web development services. This includes special programming needs like custom forums, user systems, social networking, price calculators, etc. These tasks are very time consuming so the prices will go up significantly. However, we can code anything you see on the web today, and most things you can think of. It doesn't hurt to send us an email and get a quote.

The process is a little different than designing your website. We will need a fully fleshed out timeline of the application you're planning to make. We need to know, step by step, what the user is going to experience and in as much detail as possible.

There are a lot of things we already have pre-made that should help you in this quest. These include user systems, profiles, messaging, notifications, account settings, privacy, etc. We have a fully functioning social network framework made (check out the login at the top right of this site), and we can easily adapt it to your needs. It will still take time to customize and install into your website though. We haven't decided exactly how we're going to charge for things like this, but it will probably be on a monthly basis, per user or flat-rate. We'll have more information on that subject should the time come.