About Our Server

We rent an unmanaged cloud server from Rackspace. Basically, we were given a blank slate and installed the necessary programs needed to run a web server (apache, php, mysqld, vsftpd, postfix, dovecot, etc). We then tied it into our database which keeps track of your important information and allows access to our content management system. With this, you can alter your website's verbiage without knowing code.


We make it our jobs to keep your website up as much as possible, though we cannot guarantee 100% uptime. Rackspace guarantees 99%, so we'll guarantee 95%. These are just arbitrary numbers however, your website should never go down. If anything happens, let us know immediately in an email and we'll get working on it. This especially applies to programs we have written. No application is 100% free of bugs, and we'll fix any issue we failed to catch during testing - quickly and at no cost.

What About Email?

We currently provide two options.

You can keep your current emailing. We'll just need to know what your MX records are. We can get these by looking at your old hosting plan. This is an easier route, but depending on what you already pay for your email host, you may want to switch over.

You can use our emailing. We have a webmail interface tied into our content management system for your convenience. If that ever runs into issues, we also have Squirrel Mail installed (squirrel.ambiware.com), which is more than capable of handling your email needs. You may also use a desktop client (Microsoft Office, Apple Mail, Thunderbird). Our server is mail.ambiware.com, your username is your full email address, and your password is, well, your password. You are provided 10 email addresses free of charge.